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Three Steps to Good Television


1. Check availability

After you have entered your address and carefully narrowed down the choices you still have a tough decision. There are likely four options when it comes to television service providers: Two satellite companies that can reach you anywhere you go, one cable TV company in your city, town, neighborhood, or one phone company with a TV service offering.


We suggest you start with the local providers (if there are any) and work your way out. The local companies tend to have lower prices and better service. The downside is they may not have all the features that the larger competitors do.



2. Weigh the Options

If you are going to be using two or more services from one Cable Company then be on the lookout for the bundle or package deals. Pay one bill instead of two.


Do a little legwork here. Double check to see if buying the individual service is actually a better deal. Weighing out individual pros and cons is a part of being a smart buyer.



3. Read the Fine Print

Look for any service fees, extra channel fees, or other optional features that you may or may not want to miss out on.


Read the fine print. Make sure you understand the terms you are agreeing to for your selected plan. Make note of any billing changes and the month that the change occurs. As a new customer you may love the price you are paying for three or six months but the deal may not look as sweet later on down the road. When you take the time to make sure everything is in place you are less likely to revisit where you get your television services and start from square one.

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